Are You Thinking About Applying For Naturalization?

The process of becoming a naturalized citizen takes time, involves the completion of a number of steps and involves meeting a number of requirements. It can take anywhere from six months to more than a year to receive a decision once an application has been submitted. Delays can occur if an application is missing information, contains errors or omissions. An application can be rejected if the individual fails to satisfactorily complete all of the required steps as well.


Reading Between The Lines

There is a lot of information out there that explains the process, but the road to naturalization is often more complicated than simply following a checklist. Working with an experienced immigration attorney in Hartford can connect applicants with essential information, insight and guidance that can make the process unfold as smoothly as possible. Applicants will be scrutinized and evaluated based on how well they fulfill basic requirements. Taking the guesswork out of the equation and knowing what to expect can greatly reduce stress and anxiety.


Dealing With A Denial

Applications are denied for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the applicant did not do so well in the interview. Maybe the application contains significant errors or the applicant did not fulfill one of the requirements.

Something as simple as a series of traffic tickets or financial problems can influence the decision making process. Anyone facing a denial should contact an experienced immigration attorney as quickly as possible in order to develop a strategy that is designed to overcome these obstacles.

The Law Offices Of Justin Conlon, located in downtown Hartford CT, is dedicated to helping people realize their dreams of becoming a United States citizen. Don’t take anything to chance, and contact us today in order to make the path to citizenship as easy to navigate as possible.