Employment Based Immigration Attorney In Hartford, Connecticut

The United States allots a fixed number of visas annually for individuals who seek employment or have received a job offer. These visas are processed and allocated based on the skill level, education, experience or demand for the services that the applicant can provide. Current regulations divide employment visa availability into five categories, and each one has specific requirements that need to be fulfilled.


Experienced Legal Assistance Is Important

Qualifying, applying for and obtaining an employment visa is a complex and detail-oriented process. Working with an experienced, Hartford-based immigration attorney can help to ensure that all of the required forms are complete with the necessary supporting documentation. Applications can be delayed or denied if they are incomplete, contain errors or fail to meet other requirements and expectations.


Employers Benefit As Well

Employers are required to complete and submit paperwork and documentation, in addition to complying with a number of regulations. Failure to remain in compliance can result in fines and other criminal penalties. An immigration attorney who has experience with employment situations can provide an invaluable service to companies and organizations. Avoid the confusion, expense and potential liability of managing these issues in-house, and discover how the right legal representation can help.

The United States has specific laws, policies and regulations that govern the issuance and validity of employment visas. Make sure that you are being afforded every possible opportunity while minimizing liability related to non-compliance. All it takes is an initial consultation to explore the particulars of your situation, and we are here to help. Contact our Hartford office today and learn more about how professional legal services can simplify this process from start to finish.