Deportation Defense In  Attorney Hartford, CT


A simple allegation with respect to violating an immigration law can have dire consequences, and many accused do not understand their rights or legal options. Individuals can be arrested, detained without bond and subject to a legal system that is hard to understand and difficult to navigate. The most important thing to do when faced with legal issues related to deportation is to hire an experienced and tenacious immigration attorney.


What You Say Can be Used Against You

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is charged with identifying, catching and initiating the process of removing individuals from the United States. They make mistakes, are known to work on the fringes of the law and don’t always inform the accused of their rights. They can use coercion, manipulative tactics or blatantly misrepresent facts or circumstances in order to make a case for deportation. Never say, admit or agree to anything until you speak with an attorney who can advocate for you or someone that you love.


Deportation Equals Serious Consequences

Deportation can have long-lasting ramifications that may separate families, create significant financial hardship and inhibit re-entry into the United States in the future. Anyone can be accused of a minor violation and have their entire life turned upside down.

Most people do not understand that deportation is a process that involves numerous legal steps. Timing is of the essence in order to establish a defense and take advantage of the rights that the accused have under the law.

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