Seeking Asylum In The United States?

Individuals can file a petition for asylum as long as they are physically present in the United States. An application should be completed and presented within one year of arrival into the country. The government will look at a number of factors in determining whether or not an application is approved. Each petition is evaluated based on individual specifications, and every applicant is strongly encouraged to seek the counsel of an experienced Hartford immigration attorney.

Seeking Asylum Is A Complicated And Emotionally Devastating Process

Asylum is granted for a number of reasons based on the unique circumstances that the applicant is facing. The actual persecution or the fear of persecution based on race, religious beliefs, political affiliation or opinion, nationality, or membership in a particular group are a few examples of valid reasons to apply for asylum. The USCIS will look at these and other factors before rendering an initial decision.

Applicants who are denied will be afforded the opportunity to present their case to a judge. This hearing will not take into account the decision that was handed down by the USCIS. There are also a number of other legal avenues and strategies that can be pursued if an applicant has been denied asylum.


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It is essential that asylum seekers are prepared, understand the law and are fully aware of their rights and legal options. Retaining the services of an experienced immigration attorney can help to ensure that everything is being done to give the applicant fair and unfettered access to the legal system. Learn more about your legal rights, as well as what will be expected when you file an application for asylum by contacting our offices today, located in Hartford, Connecticut.